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Snake skin is not Strange but the Purpose of it is What You Know?

In the animal world, there are some lifelong species that “wear just one set of clothes”, but others often change to “refresh” themselves. And snakes are one of those. They have skinning habits every season, but what is the purpose of that, you know?

The fact is that all animals are skin-to-skin, including humans, but in each species, there is a difference in snake skin. The reason they are so special is because their skin after peeling is usually intact or in large patches and is easily recognizable. It should be corrected here, the concept of skinning in snakes is not entirely accurate. This process essentially removes the top surface of the snake skin, while the main skin layer is completely intact.

The main reason for snake skinning is to develop the body as well as remove the parasite that attaches to the old skin. As the body of the snake grows, its skin is stretched. However, unlike human skin, snake skin has very limited elasticity, it is difficult to fit new body and at some point, snakes have to remove their old skin.

At the time of skinning, the snakes will create a new layer of skin under the old skin, after the process is completed, they will start the process of skinning by rubbing against the stone or trunk, creating a tear. on the skin, usually on the nose.

After that, they will slowly crawl out of the old skin from the tear itself. That is why the layers of skin are often upside down from the inside. Skinning in snakes will continue as their bodies grow, and snakes are the body that will always grow. That means they will peel the skin until they die. The skinning of the snake also happens quite often. On average, a snake will peel twice or four times a year. More or less depending on age as well as species.

In captivity, often the problems are negligible, as caretakers can help them by completing skinning with some techniques as well as increasing the moisture in their culture environment. However, in the wilderness, everything is not so easy. There are many reasons why snake skin can not be completed or partially completed, mainly due to lack of moisture or dehydration (such as a tropical snake that accidentally encounters a drought ).

The inability to finish skinning can leave a lot of serious consequences, especially near the eye area. Old skin will hoard in this area if too thick, long will make them blind. Although snakes have very sensitive senses, however, a snake that is blind in nature is almost a snake … dead.

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