Khám Phá

Letter To The Best Puppy Ever


You were a good dog. You loved your family so much and you never let anything happen to me. You were so playful and entertaining. You were so patient with children. You let babies jump on you poke you in the eyes pull your tail and ears. You went on walks with me. You listened to all my troubles. You were the only one who understood me. You passed peacefully in your sleep at 8 years old. On my birthday. Sweet puppy you were my baby. Love you always and forever. Good girl. Very good girl. See you one day in heaven. Good Bye for now.

Gonna miss you Angel Baby

You were an awesome dog and you loved

You were loyal and protective

You understood me and helped me through the hardest times

You were patient with every one, you never snapped at babies pulling your ears or poking you eyes

You never let anyone hurt your family. You were a good dog. Good night sweet puppy

R. I. P. Angel 8 years old, February 4 2018

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