Du Lịch, Khám Phá

Kos Island: A Piece Of Heaven Or The Best Place To Fall In Love

If you are lost or broken or just looking to find the reason of your life, the solution it to travel. By travelling you can discover the beauty of countries, the beauty of cities and different cultures. In this post I want to suggest you a perfect place to find yourself.

I decided to go to Kos Island after I graduated from university. After years of being like a mouse living in library I was looking for some fresh air.

I wanted something new, something different and something amazing.

I found there everything what I was looking for, amazing people, the love of my life and the most important, I found myself. Now I can trully say that this is the place of my soul. The beauty of island, nature and people is making you to fall in love. After visiting the island for second time in spring I discovered another side of Kos, the beauty of nature.

You can enjoy the beauty of Kos through my pictures.

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