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How To Experience Barcelona Like A Local

Plan a trip to Barcelona to appease all your senses. The feeling of excitement, wonder, exhilaration, and calm that will intermingle with your blood is worth every cent you’ll spend to visit this place on Earth. Wash away all your sorrows at their sun-kissed beaches and gawk at architecture in its finest and unparalleled comparison.

The architecture that blends and balances the beauty of traditional, ancient and revolutionary futuristic ideas will keep you hooked. Give your taste buds a treat and the connoisseur in you will float on cloud 9 as you sip their wine and gobble up their delicacies. Get lost in those passageways that are desperately waiting for you to explore. Are you a lover of art? Then get ready to have your world rocked as you witness art that will rob you the power of expression and for all the fashionistas, there is no place better to satisfy the stylish soul in you.

Best Great Places to visit in Barcelona

1. La Boqueria

Direct your feet towards happiness and pleasure. Step in La Boqueria, a gastronomic paradise for foodies that has aced the list of markets in the world. For a justified reason, as many as 45,000 people drop into this market every single day to splurge in the delicacies they have in a display. Your sense of smell, taste, and sight will be at its height as you taste their variety of finest quality cheese, seafood, local produce, and charcuterie.

2. Plaça de Catalunya

A place that adjoins Eixample and the city center in Barcelona, today. Gaze at their beautiful sculptures that are made by Josep Llimona, Pablo Gargallo, and Josep Clarà. Dipped in historical events this place was built the way it is today after a long struggle by tearing down walls from the medieval times of the 18th century. It has witnessed many revolutions, which can be seen in the sculptures of this place.  Noucentisme, a movement that was brought about as a reaction to the ideologies and form of art by Avant-gardists. It also depicts sculptures that are a symbol of Neo-Classicism, which took birth in the city of Rome but soon reached the whole of Europe as Herculaneum and Pompeii were rediscovered. Sculptures that stand in opposition to these movements, ideologies, and art are also found here, where artists opened their arms wide open and welcomed experimental ideas that didn’t go well with the norms laid down by the society. The anti-orthodox ideas that extended the boundaries of art.

Theatres, cafes, restaurants, and hotels are found in abundance here as well.

3. Reach out to Antoni Gaudí

Packed with people who can admire architecture that stands ahead of them and are familiar with the revolutionary movements in architecture brought about by Antoni Gaudí. An architect whose work was way ahead of his own time. Witness the wonders of architecture at La Pedrera, the stone quarry which is a present-day symbolization of architecture at its zenith and modernism. Make sure you don’t miss out Palau Güell, Torre Bellesguard, Casa Batlló, Casa Vicens, Park Güell are few of the wonders of architecture that you dare not miss out in Barcelona.

4. La Sagrada Familia

The controversies that engulf this place are way too many but you need not care about that as you plan to visit this religious place in Barcelona. This marvelous and expensive piece of architecture stands for as many as 150 years now, it blends Nouveau styles with Gothic in ways that are unprecedented. The huge line that you’ll have to wait for it will be worth every second as you stare at how impossible it is to disentangle the balance that prevails between the divine and nature with animal representation, hyperboloids, and bright colors.

5. Labyrinth Park of Horta

A gem of a place that is hidden in the city of Barcelona will send your way waves of delight as it is one of the oldest gardens that is designed as a maze for centuries now.

6. Montjuïc Cemetery

A cemetery that displays statues of modernist features. It is positioned right on the peak of a mountain and overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. Dipped in historical facts about people who are buried here is a must visit. The calm and tranquility of the sea along with graves that are designed with modernist views is something worth your time in Barcelona.

7. El Palau de la Musica Catalana

Other than the famous Antoni Gaudí there are artists who have gifted Barcelona with beauties beyond our comprehension. An outburst of patterns, colors, designs and a skyline so high up that you will forget all about the use of electricity during the day. Paco de Lucia, Ella Fitzgerald, and Norah Jones have all honored the stage here. Lose your soul to the delightful opera, choral and orchestral music that is played here.

8. Las Ramblas

A boulevard that is shady and wide connects the soul of Barcelona along with Plaça dear Catalunya straight towards Port Vill. The sights that will greet you here will never bore you.

9. Barri Gotic

A place that will take you back to the medieval times is one of the best places in the city to shop. Buy espadrilles that are handmade along with souvenirs that you can take back home and the ceiling-touching sandal stacks which come in every design, color, and texture.

10. Fundació Joan Miro

Another beauty sitting on top of the hill Montjuïc presents the masterpiece of another artist. Visit here and soak into all the beautiful artistic goodness.

11. Museu Nacional D’Art de Catalunya

The masterpieces that are put up here in this museum belong to the Renaissance and Baroque period. San Pablo can be found here in this very museum. The architectural style belongs to the medieval period of Europe. Look out for the Apse of Sant Climent de Taüll in here.

12. Museu Picasso

The city which is responsible for shaping the world’s finest artist, the great Pablo Picasso is none other than Barcelona. You’ll find an array of his work on paintings, sculptures, and engravings that depicts his work during his early days as an artist.

13. Barceloneta

Yes, you’ve been to many pretty beaches but you need to be here for the spirit of life it portrays. Your steps will dance as you hear the music play, watch the kites soar, visits the vendors and stare at the waves crashing. Enjoy seafood at a fine dining maritime place named Restaurante Barceloneta.

14. Mercat de Santa Caterina

La Boqueria might be a bit too much with all the people that are swarming in there so go to a place that will send your way the calm and serene environment and is also packed with delicacies that will make your soul sing. Stroll around the paths of Mercat de Santa Caterina where you’ll find the most delectable items like that of jamón Iberico, ham empanadillas, pintxos and such other delicacies that will melt inside your mouth as you pop it into your mouth.

15. Camp Nou Stadium

Not a fan of soccer? Never mind. Visit this place to soak into the pride of the Catalans that they have for their team. Their energy and screams are addictive. This stadium can withhold 100,000 charged up fans. The glance at the awards and trophies that are showcased in their museum.

Feeling all excited and want to plan your trip to this place which is a combination of everything you fancy. Food, beaches, mountains, art, historical significance, architecture and so much more. Book flights to Barcelona right away and let it change your life for once and all.

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