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7 Tips For Choosing A Good Hotel In Coorg


Folks planning a trip always face a dilemma in choosing a good place to stay. Here are a few useful tips for selecting your ideal hotel while you are in Coorg:


When it comes to choosing hotels in Coorg, location plays a prime factor. The ideal location is crucial and can differ depending on the type of trip you are planning. Make sure the accommodation you are choosing is close to major tourist attractions in Coorg. This is mainly to reduce the travel cost and total travel time.

The hotels should be located in a place where you can hire a taxi or a cab easily. It should be present on major public transport routes running in Coorg. This is because while you are in travel most of the time will be spent in traveling. It is best if the hotels are located in a strategic location.

In some cases, hotels are posted to be in a different location, but once you reach there you will find it at a different location. If you are traveling as a couple, make sure the location where the hotel is situated is safe. It should be present in an easily accessible route. It should be reachable by public transports as well.

If you want to relax without any disturbance, you can choose hotels situated in a remote or in a scenic location. Nowadays all booking portals have an option to view the hotels and resorts in maps so that you can reach the place with ease. Pick your stay wisely and know the correct location where you want to stay.


While selecting your hotels in Coorg, you need to choose what amenities you are going to require and find out whether they are included in the total cost. For example, if you need internet access, check whether the hotel hosts free Wi-Fi. Sometimes, if you prefer luxury stay spending appropriate money is essential. You should not miss the chance to stay in an amazing place just because it is pricey.

Not every hotel that costs more will provide the best accommodation. Some are super cheap in price, but they will offer best services. So don’t let the price as a factor to identify the best hotel for you. Choose a hotel or resort that you feel is worth for the money spent.

Try booking hotels a month prior to the trip, so that the cost of the room will be comparatively less. Sometimes, booking directly from the hotel website can earn you offers and deals. There are many places in Coorg that offers budget-friendly stays at reasonable prices. Opt for such places while you are in Coorg.


If you traveling to Coorg in a car, you will definitely need a place to park. The hotel where you are staying should have vast parking space. Some hotels offer free parking whereas some hotels offer paid parking. If it is paid, first learn how much the hotels charge for it prior to your trip.

Other than price, make sure the parking lot is secure. Mostly prefer hotels or resorts that do not charge for parking facilities. Moreover, the parking space must be enclosed to protect the vehicles from the harsh climate. Some hotels have valet parking which is an added advantage.


If you are planning a weekend retreat, mostly it will be located in a remote location. So, make sure that the hotels or resorts that you are staying have in-house restaurants. Sometimes, there will be no restaurant available in a secluded location. This will eliminate the need to look for diners while you are in Coorg.

Also, read the reviews to know how the food quality is there in the hotel you are choosing. Because sometimes the hotel charge more for a simple breakfast they are providing. Most of the hotels provide complimentary breakfast along with the rooms. It is wise to choose such hotels if you are a budget traveler.

The restaurant should serve local cuisine as well as international cuisines like Chinese, Arabian, Continental and more. The food quality should be better as we are paying extra money for it. The price should be charged reasonably according to the food quality.

If you are traveling with your family, choose a place that serves the best food with proper facilities. Research about the hotels in Coorg that have the best in-house restaurants. If your hotel or resort does not have free breakfast option, you can check whether they have a microwave or a fridge for a quick snack.

Amenities & Service:

Check whether the hotels or resorts in Coorg provide all the basic amenities and services that you expect in a hotel. Prior booking, compare the facilities offered by different hotels and how much they charge for that. Make sure the hotels have room categories that are suitable for all sorts of guests. This is important because it should be worth the money spent.

If you are traveling as a group, first find out whether they have dormitory type rooms before making your booking. Opt for Honeymoon Suite, if you are traveling with your spouses. The common amenities that people look for are AC, TV, Toiletries Kit, Free Wi-Fi, and Complimentary Breakfast. If you are booking luxury hotels, check what are the special amenities and services they are offering.

Nowadays, most of the luxurious hotels and resorts offer attractive amenities and services like Spa, Bar, Private Parking Space, Laundry Services, and Shuttle Services. Make sure you have considered all these factors before you are choosing any hotel for your stay.


After you are done by analyzing the price, read the reviews for selecting your hotels. It is the best strategy to find a good hotel without any trouble. It is advisable to book a hotel or resort that has good reviews. The hotels that have better reviews will definitely have good services and amenities.

Finding a good hotel is an easy task. Just make sure it has a high ranking or has more 5 star rating. It will be definitely situated in a perfect location with the best hospitality and services. Moreover, the cost will also be a reasonable one.

If a hotel has good reviews, comes within your budget and also situated in a location that you prefer, book it without a second thought. Make sure the hotel you are booking has most of the star ratings above 3. This is the perfect trick to find a good hotel or resort in Coorg.

Star Ratings:

Once you are done with choosing your location for the trip, the next step is picking an accommodation to stay. The star rating is an important criterion for selecting any hotel in Coorg. It denotes the type of service and quality a hotel offers. Always choose a hotel that has the best star ratings.

Compare different hotels in the same locality before making your room reservation. This is the best way to find a luxurious or economical hotel. With best star ratings and reviews, we can definitely consider that hotel as a good one. It is advisable to do a thorough online study on the hotel reviews and ratings.

With too many online booking companies it is difficult to choose a good hotel in Coorg. In such cases, you can opt for budget-friendly hotels and resorts like Ulo Hotels that offers the best rooms at best prices.

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